Hmmmm…. It’s always hard to describe yourself. I am happily married to my husband. No kids to speak of, unless you count our canine and equine pals.  I enjoy watching and discussing movies although I’ve been accused of not having the most discriminating tastes.

Growing up we had a program that I was involved in at school.  It was supposed to be for those in a certain test percentile as a prevention for boredom with the standard classroom pace.  The only thing I feel like I really got out of it was how to make one thing do a multitude of things.  IE: how many uses can you come up with for a Styrofoam cup.  So maybe that’s where this sort of thinking really started for me.  It helped me to see that a simple object, regardless of the intended use, can have many other uses.

After getting married, I started as a catechist in a local parish, where I really saw the need to be aware of what we watch and listen to and how they affect us, but also how they can be used to help demonstrate a point.  I am a huge fan of multiple intelligence teaching when possible and practical.

Now in my off time (if there is any), I find myself searching through Pinterest, watching movies and trying out new crafts.

My favorite saints are St. John Paul II (I got to see him while I was in Rome!), St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (AKA Edith Stein).  I’ve also found myself drawn to St. Benedict, St. Teresa of Avila (of whom St. Edith Stein was a huge fan of), Mother Teresa, Padre Pio and countless others…