Okay, so I admit the title F.A.Q might be a little misleading as I don’t get that much feedback yet, but there are some things that have come up that I thought I might need to address:


My goal is to provide a guide with which you can either alone or with a group try to pick up on the various themes and lessons portrayed in the films I discuss. I do give you my opinion, but I try to temper it because if I’ve bothered to discuss it, I feel like it has something worth viewing it for, even if I don’t like the movie, the actors, or whatever the case may be. Like I said in my post on The Family Stone even if it is just doing the complete opposite of what is portrayed, there is usually something worth talking about.


I am not a great reader – and my schedule doesn’t allow for much reading (I know, I’m terrible), so with few exceptions, I haven’t read the book if there was one that went with a movie I opt to discuss. Also, since there can sometimes even be different endings and combinations of characters, I find it simpler to leave the literary end to others.


I take a “face value” approach to the films I discuss. It’s not that I don’t care about the film makers vision or goal, but I want the points I make to be simple and based on the film itself. If I chose not to discuss a movie that might be valuable because the film maker chooses to believe something different from I do, I feel like it would do a disservice to my readers. If I decide that it is necessary, I may bring in other information, but for the most part my posts are long enough without getting much more into all the background chatter.


Hmmmm… I guess I’d have to say, probably most likely Divine Inspiration. Not that I ever feel that “inspired” and never feel holy enough to be a channel, but there is usually something that I can’t get out of my head that leads me to a film. I hope it’s the Holy Spirit. I have a list of movies a mile long and there’s no telling which one I will choose at a given time – and I’ve gone “off book” for a few already, so in ten years, I may be sitting here with several flicks still on my “to do” list, but as more keeps coming out, there will always be more to write about. Truth be known, I’ve been quite surprised sometimes at what I go with. And honestly, sometimes I have multiple posts going at the same time… but I have no particular designs on what I post when. I just write, and let the chips fall where they may. I just hope they help.


I hope (emphasize “hope”) to post twice a month. However, I do get really busy – and each post does take a significant portion of time, so that may not always be possible and I hope to get to the point that I can have a few in queue so that if that happens, I can publish one that I’ve had on hold. However, I sometimes find that I can’t keep posts in the queue. When they want out, they want out – I blame the Holy Spirit! So, no guarantees… sorry.